Workshop 4 & Assignment 4 – Dragon’s Den

The main purpose of this workshop was to build the foundations for our business plan assignment (which will have its own post relatively soon) as well as enabling us to work as a part of a team and to create and give a presentation to a couple of business experts, our “dragons”.


After being split into groups we had a series of biology/zoology related business ideas of which to choose from and develop, ranging from educational ideas to national park management. Once an idea was chosen we then had to fill in a business model canvas, present our plans for the business, create a 20 second sales pitch video and then answer questions from the “dragons”.


My group decided to create a business involving the redevelopment of Treborth Botanical Gardens into a nature park primarily focusing on native British species.



The business plan

A large proportion of the day was used to construct the business plan using a business model canvas.

Our main customer segment was the tourism industry as well as local university students looking for research or volunteering opportunities, with tourists making up a large proportion of our revenue streams.

By completing the business model we were then able to move forward onto create the video pitch and presentation.


The presentation

After filming had finished we then had to present our business idea with the video aid. Each member of the group presented at least one or two sections of the business canvas model to the “dragons”, Emlyn Williams and Lowri Owen, who then asked specific questions about the business and then give feedback on the presentation and business idea.

Our pitch was well received by the “dragons” with them describing the venture as feasible and potentially profitable. In the current climate, education and conservation are all the more important enabling people to be more aware of their impacts on the surrounding environment.



Now what will I do?

Overall I found the day useful in the terms of how to prepare for my business plan assignment but I don’t think I’ll be using the Treborth nature park idea. Although when trying the complete the tasks I felt the timings were a bit rushed, meaning that with just a bit more time our business idea could have been better.


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