Workshop & Assignment 1 – No way is the write way

The first assignment of the Bio-enterprise module was to write your own CV and cover letter for a job in your desired career pathway. To accompany this assignment, we had a seminar session on the best way to present yourself through your CV.

Previous to this assignment I already had a CV but this really helped focus on certain parts, for example my key skills.

Basically, a CV is a marketing pitch to prospective employers where we can control which part is the most important and essential for the role you are applying for. It is also common for employers to ask for a speculative application in the chance that job opening occurs.

Do your research!

Whether this is of the job position or the employer you can never do too much research. By researching what the job entails you can really tailor your CV to suit each job application. Through research you can weave the company’s key values and skills that they are looking for.

Also, don’t send the same version of your CV to each application.

Presentation is key

It is best to keep your CV to less than 2 sides of A4. Employers will get bored and frankly don’t have to finish your 5 page essay about how you volunteered with children in some less economically developed country.

Keep it succinct, interesting and describe your achievements in a way that will have to greatest impact.

Show your passion

I know it sounds cheesy but it’s true. Your cover letter is a more personal way to tell the employer what makes you different from Joe Bloggs with their first class honours and three week internship with elephants in Thailand. Also, what you haven’t covered in your CV should be included in your cover letter.

Image result for cv

Ultimately I found the lecture useful where what you should include in your CV but not necessarily how you write it or how to tailor it for certain applications. For that side of it I had to go elsewhere, the internet mostly. I did find some useful CV builders and then they asked for a debit card.

I’m not very good at talking about myself to start off with so the cover letter was the hardest to write. How do you show passion and enthusiasm for something when you can’t comprehend why you’re a good person, loyal, honest and sarcastic to the core?

Links I found useful:


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